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Plantation Manager’s Beach

This beach is in front of the Plantation Manager’s Beach House.  Due to the rough lava rocks here, swimming is not recommended.  Historically, the Hawaiians launched their fishing canoes from this beach.

There is a small eel pond in the rocks on the south side of the beach.  It is fun to lure the eels out of their hiding place with bits of chicken.

Zen Cottage Beach and Lagoon

The oral history of the place told of the chiefs or “ali’i” using the lagoon for “ola hou” (restoration or healing by bathing). This sandy lagoon is considered a luxury among vacation rentals in Hawaii as the island is volcanic and white sand is rare. This is a perfect spot for a relaxing dip in the ocean without any fear of currents and waves.  Unless the surf is really up, there are usually very few waves in the lagoon. Many children have learned to swim here, and the lagoon is a great place for kids to play in the ocean.  The sand extends to about waist deep water; then it gives way to lava. Though it can be shallow in spots, people have snorkeled around the entire lagoon at high tide.

If swimming isn’t your thing, you can also walk around the tidepools and see the small fish, sea urchins, and crabs that make their home in the tide pools.

We are lucky to have about six green sea turtles (honu in Hawaiian) making their home along these beaches. According to Hawaiian tradition, the honu are guardian angels that watch over and protect us.  Often, the turtles will hang around the calm lagoon and swim right up next to you.  The honu are an endangered and protected species and should never be touched under any circumstances. The oils from our fingers and our skin destroy the protective layer of their shells and skin. Since this is their habitat, we ask that you honor and respect them from afar.  They eat algae off of the rocks and may bump into you as they drift in the current.

Sampras daughter.jpg

Lae Beach

Lae is the Hawaiian word for a small cape or promontory.  This beach, along the southern edge of the Lae, is midway between the two white sand beaches bordering the property. It is a sheltered area where you can explore the tide pools, collect unique shells, or just sit and relax in the water or at the water’s edge.


Our Lae, surrounded by the ocean, is where many weddings and vow renewal ceremonies have been celebrated.  It is an ideal spot where you can watch the surf, bring out chairs and sit and read, take a leisurely nap and/or enjoy a glass of wine and watch the surf or sunsets.

Lae March 2019.JPG

Surfing Ala Kala

About 200 yards north of the lagoon is the Ala Kala surf spot. Caution is advised and it is great for experienced surfers as the rocks can be treacherous. It is a wonderful spot for open-ocean swimming and snorkeling.

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